So What is ‘Radical Integrity’?

‘Radical’ means that we do not compromise on our core value of integrity; and for us, integrity means being our word while serving the whole :

- doing what we promised, wholeheartedly, and in time.
- serving the whole : going for integration, not separation

This core value is our guiding light in everything we do.

Etymologically, these are the roots of the words ‘radical’ and ‘integrity’ :

  • ‘radical’ : Latin : radix – root; ‘going to the origin, essential’, ‘change from the roots’, ‘affecting the fundamental nature of something’;
  • ‘integrity’ : Latin : integritas : “soundness, wholeness, blamelessness,” from integer “whole”

And the adjective ‘integer’ stands for “whole, complete,” and figuratively it means “untainted, upright,”

On an organizational level, integrity and integration includes being transcultural, transpersonal and transformational

On a personal level, radical integrity implies discovering and accepting yourself, presenting yourself to the world as your really are rather than pretending to be someone.

So we do not believe in smoke-screen-marketing.

Radical Integrity also entails being very conscious of the challenge when doing a promise.
We exercise the right to not commit when not choosing to add a challenge to the ones I already committed to.
And we only accept assignments where the customer accepts that the whole team needs to work in integrity.

our values
Values only have meaning and power when they are consciously chosen.
And choosing values to adhere to, is facilitated by asking oneself the open question “What do I want to experience (as a state of consciousness) ?”
and “What do I need to have in place in order to be able to experience that ?”

As we at Radical Integrity want to experience peace of mind regarding the past, present & future, our core value of radical integrity serves us like no other.

We also want to experience inspiration and creative drive, so besides our core value, other values we adhere to are :
Adventure, Compassion, Independence, Awareness, Creativity & Authentic Self Expression,
Some of the secondary ones we have consciously chosen because they are out of our comfort zone. They are there to give the radical integrity warmth & spice :-)

values we appreciate in organizations

As we like to serve organizational transformation to the benefit of society, there are a number of values that can serve as guiding lights in that process.

  • Compassion : getting what people are going through and supporting them to be at their best
  • Authentic Self Expression : facilitate alignment between people’s purpose in life and the purpose of the organization
  • Commitment to growth: supporting people in expanding their comfort zones.
  • Dignity : respect for diversity and equal opportunities for all
  • Collaboration : horizontal and vertical
  • Empowerment: enhancing the creative power of individuals & communities.
  • Honesty and trustworthiness: avoidance of dissimulation and manipulation and recognition of the fact that individuals and businesses have a responsibility to the broader society.
  • Ethical awareness : aligning vision to the benefit of society before financial gain
  • Awareness : being aware of conditioning and self-deceptio
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