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Geert Acke

Geert Acke is an organizational development practitioner, coach, program manager and founder of Radical Integrity. His vision is to see people & teams create value in healthy, caring organizations. He is a Consciousness Coaching trainer, a certified project manager (PMI), and currently leads a program transforming the way of working at the international NGO Euroconsumers

Tom Toutenel

Tom Toutenel holds a masters degree in information technology and has over 10 years of experience in agile software development. The agile principles are a perfect match to his core values of close collaboration and open communication. Tom is a senior hands-on agile coach with a drive for high performance and customer value.


“One of Geert’s greatest attributes he brings in my opinion is his ability to really get the details to make projects happen, and an ability to negotiate with people to create win win for all sides concerned. Geert has a beautiful combination of absolute professionalism as a trainer, while at the same time adding fun and aliveness which opens the space for real connections to occur. People can relate with Geert on a very deep human level, all in a very professional context. I am proud and honoured to have worked with Geert.”

- Savannah Steinberg

“I had the pleasure of meeting Geert in a course I delivered in Brussels as he was preparing for his PMP certification exam. Geert is very bright, understood the requirement clearly and was very capable when it came to adapting his thinking to a new approach to things.”

- Richard McBride

“For me Geert is one of the most versatile and flexible people I know. He takes the Agile process and manages to apply it on all factors of a project or team, even on human interaction and creative thinking, keeping an open mind for new ideas and new concepts. He isn’t afraid to leave the beaten track if that track has proven to be a wrong concept. On a personal level, his humor and his view on interpersonal understanding is very stimulating and motivating, and makes working under him a true joy.”

- Peter Van Hoecke

“Geert is an open mind strongly backed by an intelligent brain.

He also has the basic qualities required for a project or program leader: good communicator, honesty, empathy, … but this is not all.

He has a set of qualities that makes him invaluable in reconciling the productivity of a software development project team, and the company’s strategy:

He builds and maintain connections to leading people in the company

He brings his common sense in an non-intrusive way to the project team members

He always says honestly what he sees as a non-technical team member, leading his colleagues with a soft hand towards self organization

He actively drives or participate in structural continuous improvement, at all the levels he can (personal, project team, company)

He takes advices from his colleagues, his connections, and the worlwide community. To this, he adds his own learnings in an pragmatic, but smart way.

These qualities in the context of his role of scrummaster in our team made him the real engine of the project.”

- Bertrand Larsy

“I got to know Geert as a no-nonsense style project manager of senior level. He impressed me most with his balanced view of the situations in which he operated, keeping in mind the interests of both the Client and EDS during negotiations or project related discussions.

Geert also proved to have an excellent grasp of project management and application development methodologies and is able to apply that knowledge pragmatically.”

- Koen Pelgrims

“Geert is customer focused, pragmatic and process oriented. He strives to ensure that there is a good balance between the customer and organisational expectations. He is a good listener and proposes sensible solutions.”

- Peter Clancy

remember Geert as friendly colleague and a project manager who worked even in stressful situations always with a smile on his face. He combines an ample experience in project management with a strong focus for the customer. He is able to communicate to his team members and the stakeholders in an appropriate way, thanks to his profound knowledge of the different phases in software development

- Friederike Schröder – Pander

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