Flowing Wakefulness

A Global Community, founded by Igor Kufayev, and united by vision in exploring alternative possibilities for heart-based culture present in consciousness.

Flowing Wakefulness

Here, in our Flowing Wakefulness community, dedicated students from all over the world have come together, committed to support, practice, and serve a profound vision of living an awakened life — to embody this opened, transcendent State as a “flowing wakefulness,” living the Divine sacredness of the Truth even in the ordinary householder life of daily human affairs.  The shared recognition of Igor Kufayev as our teacher creates strong, naturally-occurring, real feelings of family — of true relatedness. So as we grow in consciousness, and witness the transformations occurring in ourselves and in each other, gifts of the teacher’s graceful Presence and transmission, the responsibility and challenge is to live these gifts, this Love, in simple, ordinary, daily functional ways.  The community provides the means and the forum for this real practice.  In this space we are reminded to live up to our greatest intention — to live this life as fully awakened, blissful beings for the sake of Love and in service to the Self, our community and all beings.


The Community forms a kind of mandala extending out from the center, the teacher — an ever-forming fractal which, always in creative flux and flow, surrounds, protects and extends the Grace flowing from the Source.  Sangha (spiritual community) is the living demonstration of the Path of the Heart.


As a natural movement flowing from our shared vision, we intend to establish centers throughout the world as places where dedicated students can live, short or long-term, giving themselves completely to this work.  Such dedication and commitment will create an enlivened Field – everything vibrant and throbbing with possibilities. As alive and functioning examples of creative alternatives in heart-centered living, we intend, through the centers, to offer the following array of possible programs:  Consciousness-based education for all ages; transformative programs in meditation and yoga; alternative medicine and holistic healing modalities; education and assistance with spiritual emergencies; self-defense instruction; peace studies; facilities for all forms of creativity and the arts; self-sustaining permaculture and Vedic-based agriculture. Further, we intend to create individual and group opportunities to serve and interact with the greater surrounding region. Our intention is also to collaborate with those pioneering in research in Consciousness and with those conducting investigations to explore the phenomena of awakening and of the workings of the Kundalini Shakti.


We do envision these centers to be instruments in furthering the urgent shift in Consciousness required to meet the Earth’s current challenging issues.  And, finally, we intend these centers to issue a worldwide call to a deeply felt resonance and reverence for Life itself; a call to directly experience and live our lives in Unity with nature and all life forms.


The Flowing Wakefulness Community is now taking the first steps toward materializing our vision by forming non-profit organizations in the U.S. Europe and Canada.  We will be initiating campaigns to raise the necessary funds to purchase, build and sustain our centers and we envision opening the first ones in Europe, California and British Columbia where our communities are already forming.

Spiritual community is a place of confluence, where your individuality willingly flows into the ocean of Being, where all these differences, all these peculiarities, all this uniqueness and specialness is readily offered.


Flowing Wakefulness is the translation that Igor’s guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, gave to Sama Veda, one of the four Vedas. It is the flowing intelligence of Divine energy — the pure alertness that allows the meeting of silence and dynamism, which in turn gives rise to all experience.

Sangha Meetings in your area

At the moment we hold regular Sangha Meetings in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

If you would like to know more or join one of our Gatherings, please contact Satya for LA Meetings or Amar and Lindsey for Vancouver Gatherings.

We are happy to meet you!

It is in the community that the teaching can be first given an opportunity to flourish and thrive, and it is in the community where we willingly and consciously offer our differences  — all of it, including our talents and idiosyncrasies — into that commonly shared, what could simply be named ‘returning to the origin of who we are.’ And that in itself is of tremendous value. It is precisely for that reason, that whenever there was a teaching there was a community. The teaching cannot exist outside of a community; community allows it to first flow into the first container. Community is that first container when the teaching can mature, and with the maturity of teaching, the container matures in time. When that happens, beautiful things begin to happen, because then the teaching had the chance to be actualized through the hearts of those who made that community into a possibility in the first place.



Meet our Team

Team Flowing Wakefulness has naturally formed from those of us who have dedicated ourselves to this path. As an innate outpouring of our gratitude, and as part of our individual practice, we have joined together to offer our service to our Teacher and this work. We each bring our special gifts, talents, diverse life experiences, and professional skills to form this eclectic team, which handles administration, event coordination, artistic production, and more.

Thoma Dattatreya



Sundari Ma




Amrita Ma Devi











Invitation to Supporting us

Heartfelt gratitude for your support! Funds provided by generous donors are used to help pay for expenses and programs that help fulfill our mission above to bring the benefits of the work and teaching of Igor Kufayev to more people through establishing our centers globally. Our centers will be dedicated to helping individuals discover the spiritual teachings and work that transforms lives and makes the world a better place. We rely upon donations like yours to establish and sustain our centers and mission.

If there is any interest for funding

please contact to discuss your ideas and potential contribution. 

People like you contribute what they can toward the creation of our global centers, which will support the life-transforming teachings of Igor Kufayev, and which honor all people and all paths. Many find fulfilment when they receive updates about how their money is put to work by our Flowing Wakefulness Community.

Volunteering time

If you are inspired in any way to contribute your time, please contact to discuss current opportunities in volunteering for Flowing Wakefulness.


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