This moment is a result of billions of years of evolution as well as the breaking point into the next, and on it goes ad infinitum. From point to point, pure Awareness collapses and expands back to Infinity, with as many portals of entrance as heartbeats needed to measure the time itself. For all of us now stand at the entrance of yet another rite so that we can pass through collectively, and as with all passages greater vision is required...

~ Igor Kufayev

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Due to the large amount of correspondence that Igor receives, he is no longer able to respond to personal email messages. However, if you feel you have an important message for Igor, or are seeking more information about Igor and his work, please contact either Yogananda or Daryananda. If you would like to help organize an event with Igor, please contact Thomá.

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If you have a question for Igor, you are encouraged to submit it to Daryananda (above) for Igor to address at his next Online Darshan, which is typically held once a month, details here.


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Flowing Wakefulness Administration

Daryananda Schneidman


Daryananda met Igor in 2013 after hearing his interviews on Buddha at the Gas Pump. After more than three decades as a disciple of Swami Muktananda — including having lived with and served him in India for the final two years of his life — she sought the guidance of another spiritual Master after several years of an imbalanced Kundalini rising and serious illness, together with a "dark night of the soul.” It was through Igor's guidance and Grace that she came to recognize him as her teacher, as he has steadily guided her back to the Light.


Her professional career was dedicated to serving as a medical provider and clinical researcher for over three decades. She also dedicated many years to the study of Ayurveda under several Masters. For the past few years, Daryananda has devoted herself to offering selfless service to her Teacher and the Flowing Wakefulness Team, bringing gifts of intuitive organizing, communication, and her enthusiasm for writing and editing, as well as her knowledge and understanding of Vedic principles and culture. She currently offers her service in a number of roles including transcribing and editing Igor's talks, writing and compiling our newsletters, composing policies and other administrative responsibilities, and has been blessed with the honor to serve as one of Igor’s personal assistants.


Daryananda can be contacted at:

Yogananda Menzel


Yogananda met Igor in 2015, after ten years of unfruitful self-guided spiritual practice made it clear that he needed guidance from an adept who understood the energetics of Awakening. Though he was not seeking a teacher, Yogananda recognized Igor as his teacher shortly after they met.


Yogananda’s professional career has ranged from computer programming, farming, and technical communications. His search for connection and meaning has taken him from Texas to Europe to New York City to an off-the-grid eco-community, and many other places. It was upon studying with Igor that he finally began to understand — and find — what he had truly been seeking.


Earlier this year, Yogananda left his professional career to serve Flowing Wakefulness full time. He brings gifts of communication, technical abilities, and sustainable-farming techniques, among others. He manages the Flowing Wakefulness technical infrastructure, and serves as a personal assistant to Igor.


Yogananda can be reached at: