Don't forget Love; it will bring all the madness you need to unfurl yourself across the universe.

~ Mirabai

In-person events with Igor form the heart of this work. Immersions are an opportunity to freely give yourself to the direct experience of the energies of transformation. It is here, sitting in the presence of an adept, that the transformative energies within us rise with both intensity and safety. It is here that the Grace of the adept can descend into our bodies — into our Hearts — opening us to the discovery of our own true nature. The results are life changing.


Igor hosts six to eight immersions a year, in Western Europe, California, and British Columbia. The daily schedule includes meditations, darshans (with question-and-answer sessions), group vegetarian meals, and free time to rest, reflect, and walk in nature.

Immersions consist of an intensive program, typically one week long, followed by an optional, but highly recommended integration, or “spillover” period. The spillovers provide a graceful transition from the transformative work of the intensive program back into our daily duties. This is a beautiful time of bonding, sharing, and reflection.

Based upon his experiences at these immersions, which could be considered as major breakthroughs in one’s individual practice, Igor recommends having an introductory session for those who have not yet attended any live programs with him. These sessions also serve as an opportunity to be introduced into the work by those who have experienced its transformative nature firsthand.

Events in 2017

Further details on these and other immersions will be added shortly. If you are interested in attending these immersions, or would like further information about immersions with Igor Kufayev, please contact Thomá-Datta at for European events, and Satyavati at for USA events. 



24th February - 3rd March  I  7-day Immersion

3rd March - 5th March  I  Optional Spillover


Universal Nature of Yoga

31 March   I  Evening Darshan

1 April - 2 April  I  Weekend Intensive

USA, Templeton CA

Immersion at Dancing Deer

7th May - 14th May  I  7-day Immersion

14th May - 18th May  I  Optional Spillover

Canada, Salt Spring Island

Immersion at Stowel Lake Farm

20th June - 27th June I  7-day Immersion

27th June - 30th June I  Optional Spillover

                         with introduction to teacher's training

Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Immersion at Gut Saunstorf

9th Aug - 16th Aug  I  7-day Immersion

16th Aug - 19th Aug  I  Optional Spillover

USA, Mill Valley, CA

Immersion at Ralston Retreat Center

24th Sep - 1st Oct   I  7- Day Immersion

1st Oct - 4th Oct  I  Optional Spillover

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Energetic transformation is one of the chosen paths ‒ it is the core of the Tantric teaching ‒ the rarity and utter divinity of the human birth; this is the structure where the Divine finds Its fullest expression. We are transforming on the level of Energy ‒ and we are Energy ‒ every cell of our body is an expression of that Energy.

~ Igor Kufayev



7-day immersion / Chateaux Frandeux

"... I felt I was being held in the field of a more refined frequency and being tuned kindly yet forcefully, as a musical instrument. Intense meditation in this container allowed me to access deeply seated energetic blockages in body-mind, and gave me a sense of expansion from a very contracted condition. All of this, in a vibration of love which is hard to describe (can only be experienced), and I felt I was acting like a magnet, pulling resistance from the bottom of my being..."

Companion at Entering the Heart Immersion, Belgium 2016


Intensive: February 24 - March 3, 2017

Spillover: March 3 - March 5, 2017

To receive more information please contact Thomá at



Darshan & Weekend Intensive / Soma Yoga, Freiburg

“It is through the human Heart you know Shiva. It is through the human Heart you know you are the Absolute. There is no other instrumentality through which you and I can know that which can only know Itself. Only Shiva can know Itself…”

— Igor Kufayev


Darshan: ​March 31, 2017

Weekend Intensive: April 1 – April 2, 2017

Information & Registration:

Soma Yoga Freiburg,, +49 761 285 3869




7-day immersion / Templeton, California

"The transformation has unfolded in a lot more detachment in all ways, yet still feeling present, being pulled into meditation more often and meditation is deeper. There is a strong feeling of peace... most of the time, Silence is holding me. I was blown away by this immersion." 

Companion at Divine Intoxication Immersion, California

Intensive: May 7 - May 14, 2017

Spillover: May 14 - May 18, 2017

To receive more information please contact Satyavati at



7-day immersion / Stowel Lake Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC

"What has changed for me as a result of attending this immersion is that... the safety and security of knowing what it is like to surrender into bliss without changing anything or wanting it to be different. This has changed my meditation practice allowing me to be free with kriyas, understanding how each change in quality leads to subtler layers untying the knots. Understanding that feeling of sensation is priceless."

Companion at Entering the Heart Immersion, Canada


Intensive: June 20 - June 27, 2017

Spillover: June 27 - June 30, 2017

                 (with introduction to teacher training)

We are planning to introduce a special Teacher’s Training Intensive program designed for those of us in the sangha who feel called and drawn to diving deeper into this work, into the mysteries of the Heart.  It will be a very powerful program, and will serve to expand and deepen one’s relationship to the Self, irrespective of where we are in our life. Above all else, it’s based upon initiation rites, and will entail spending a great deal of time in silence — in that place where things become clearer, and make themselves known. Igor will expand upon who is qualified to be a teacher, why one becomes a teacher, the ethics of relationship, expound upon the teacher’s role, and much more.

To receive more information please contact Satyavati at



7-day immersion / Gut Saunstorf, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

"Nothing could have prepared me for the immersions with Igor, not the website, not his one evening talks that I attended – he is beyond anything that I could have imagined. He is a true Master in every way, his healing abilities, his direct transmissions, the love which permeates all that emanates from him through his teachings, his teachings in Silence. It is beyond words to attempt to describe the experience. I was overwhelmed in the most remarkable ways."  

Companion at Entering the Heart Immersion, Canada


Intensive: August 9 - August 16, 2017

Spillover: August 16 - August 19, 2017

To receive more information please contact Thomá at



7-day immersion / Mill Valley, California

"I read nothing but just knew I had to go.  I was called to come. Simple. Part of me wanted to run away and the other part was firmly grounded. The part that wanted to run away was ego, but after a few days my ego relaxed and gave up looking for an escape route. I was a bit shocked at how receptive and vocal I became with the first meditation." 

Companion at Entering the Heart Immersion, Belgium


Intensive: September 24 - October 1, 2017

Spillover: October 1 - October 4, 2017

To receive more information please contact Satyavati at

"...How can one find words to describe the beauty and grace of a process which initiates a clear and compassionate process of softening, an unraveling of one's tightly bound knots, so that grace can penetrate and love beckon to one's heart, to continue on the path... but in an entirely new and peaceful way?..."


Companion at the Tantric Christ Immersion,  2016