The Soul, like the Moon, is now, and always new again...

~Lalla of Kashmir


An artist, Advaita Tantra Teacher and founder of the Flowing Wakefulness community, for over a decade Igor Kufayev has been serving as a conduit of transmission for awakening towards the new era of heart-centered consciousness. 

Speaking from direct realization of Oneness, he inspires all seekers of truth to recognize the fullest potential present in human birth.


Many have been touched by Grace and awakened in his presence, as he continues working towards building a global community to serve as a container for exploring  possibilities for alternative, consciousness-based culture.








The Teaching is the knowledge of the Self, alive and throbbing in the Heart of an awakened being, as wakefulness of his own awareness.

The essence of this Teaching is in the recognition of one's true nature directly in the Heart – here the goal and the path converge in the deepest realization of Love. The timeless beauty of this work lies in its all-embracing nature. This path is universal. It transcends any tradition and cultural belonging. It is open to all wanderers in search of Truth. The ways are many to realize one's essential nature. Yet we share the most essential reality – we all are embodied. We all carry the greatest potential of life deep in our Hearts; the vibrant, throbbing potential of Consciousness to awaken to Itself. The potential to surrender to the power of Grace, to dust the mirror of our Hearts, to reach into the sky of transcendence and bring the sublime nectar of realization into the very vessel of our bodies. This is to manifest the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is to behold the Divine in every aspect of human life, from the most exalted states to the very dirt beneath our feet. This is the Path of the Heart.

The essence of the Teaching on the nature of ultimate reality, also spoken of as Unity, Non-duality or Oneness, is in recognition of that Union through direct experience. The Teaching, in order for it to be fruitful, requires a certain approach, a certain discipline, often spoken of as the Path.

"Igor Kufayev is heart master and world teacher in the lineage of the illumined sages whose presence has engendered human spirituality, enlivening the earth with sacred resonance and enabling individual union with the divine. His knowledge of sacred tradition and techniques expresses itself as non-intellectual, heart-based illumination..." 

— Michael Peter Cain, Founder, Art Department,

Maharishi International University

"Igor speaks the timeless, universal language of the Heart. His Teaching transcends the boundaries of any religion, doctrine, or even perspective. It is for the warrior, the artist, the mother, the lover, the businessman, the child… brought constantly alive through the very hearts of those who tread this path—as that uninterrupted flow within Consciousness, that river beyond time and space. All it takes is a yearning human heart."

— Daryananda Schneidman


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Immersions are the heart of this work. These week-long residential retreats initiate and enliven a deep process of Awakening. The work cuts through conceptual layers, and leads straight to the direct experience of the energies of transformation.

Immersion days include meditations, darshans, group vegetarian meals, and free time to rest and reflect. If you are a newcomer to work with Igor Kufayev, please schedule an introductory live session with a Flowing Wakefulness facilitator before enrolling in an immersion.


10 day Immersion

at Chateaux Frandeux, Belgium

February 24 - March 5 2017

14 day Immersion

Salt Spring Island, BC Canada

June 20 - July 4 2017


Flowing Wakefulness

We are a global community of companions moved by the Teachings of Igor Kufayev, devoted to creating a Heart-based culture that recognizes and honors the sacred in all aspects of life.

"That vast territory that opens up between the beings who share profound Love for Truth — even if it looks like an ordinary encounter for an uninitiated one — in reality that‘s nothing less than a spark of Divine Grace which sets to illumine everything in its vicinity."


"This work is always carried

on the shoulders of enthusiasm and through the hearts of commitment"