The divinity of the Heaven dwells in our hearts as love. Love in the heart of man is the shrine of God on Earth. Blessed are those who carry the shrine of God in fullness of love in their hearts.

~ HH Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

''...As an artist, already from an early age, I've noticed how every experience has a certain resonance… a certain texture, a certain color, a certain flavor… And even a certain dimension where the experience felt most compelling…


These experiences were the budding impulses of creative outpouring eager to blossom within my being, with the senses as the apertures, both capable of absorbing or allowing the light of my own awareness to illumine reality into an extraordinary event filled with presence, or to rob me of my own Self..."

IGOR KUFAYEV ~ biography

Early fascination with Perennial Philosophy was an integral part of Igor's upbringing. His influences ranged from German Existentialists, Pre-Socratics, Sufi Mystics, Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo in the earlier years and Advaita of Kashmir Shaivism later on in life. His spiritual quest culminated in surrendering to the Grace received from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in his childhood Igor had many episodes associated with awakening of Kundalini. Classically trained in art from an early age, he was recognized as something of a prodigy. A one time student at the St Petersburg's Academy of Fine Arts, Igor had his first solo exhibition in Warsaw at the age of twenty five and by his late twenties enjoyed a successful career in London. In less than a decade, he managed to establish his reputation as an artist with many of his art works being in prominent collections around the world.  
A personal tragedy marked his experiences unconsciously directing his inner quest: in 1991, his six year old daughter died in a road accident. Coming out of a prolonged period of grief, Igor was initiated into meditation in a dream, immersed himself into the study of yoga, learned Transcendental Meditation and practiced it diligently for several years.
In 2001 in a wake of an advanced yogic course, TM-Sidhi Program, he went through a profound expansion of Consciousness. Surrendering to the process, he recognized Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as his spiritual guide, the guru. Despite never meeting the master Igor maintained an intimate relationship with Maharishi on the heart level which transcended the boundaries of a common teacher-student relationship. He shared his experiences in an intimate letter entitled Never Meeting Maharishi.

At the age of thirty six Igor had undergone a radical transformation of consciousness which subsequently blossomed into spontaneous unfoldment of Grace. For the next five years he continued long hours of meditation, integrating expanded state of awareness throughout his daily activities. Around that time he began sharing his insights with those who were attracted by the energy emanating in his presence.

Through the teaching of Muktananda he discovered the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism which became the focal point of his interest. Its 'transcendental physicalism' appealed to his down to earth, creative sensibility. Unique to that tradition, the doctrine of Spanda had been verified by direct experience, in perceiving the World as a Throb of Pure Consciousness in the Heart of his own…

There were episodes of spontaneous healing of those close to him and Igor consciously attended to the practice of Pranic Healing, successfully treating patients with cancer and other conditions. However he realized that without the psyche-physiological transformation of an individual true healing cannot take place.
Vamadeva points out that awakening takes place in the body on a cellular level and it is the body, with its nervous system, that acts as a support for individual consciousness to mature into full Enlightenment. It could be said that his methods are rooted in Tantra. Having studied such diverse traditions as Vedanta, Tantra, Sufi and Zen for many years he remains elusive to categorization, maintaining that:

”Abiding in a state of spontaneous absorption transcends the boundaries of any given truth based on intellectual grasp of ultimate reality…”.
Having gone through the furnace of Alchemical transmutation, he emphasizes the biological nature of Self-realization and sees the process as progressive purification of Prana. Simply because vital force directs and orchestrates all movements in the body, and all cognitive processes are linked to the electric current of which Prana is a conduit.

For over a decade Igor Kufayev Vamadeva has been serving as a conduit of transmission for awakening towards the new era of heart-centered consciousness. Speaking from direct realization of Oneness he inspires all seekers of truth to recognize the fullest potential present in human birth. Many have been touched by grace and awakened in his presence as he continues working towards building global community to serve as a container for exploring possibilities for alternative, consciousness-based culture.
He travels extensively offering gatherings and retreats for the seekers of truth worldwide, at the present mainly in North America and Europe. He lives with his partner, Amrita Ma Devi, their two children, girl  Ramana and boy Keahnu.


Vamadeva - from Sanskrit, 'preserving aspect of Shiva in his peaceful, graceful and poetic form', is Igor's spiritual name.