Beauty is the quiver within the heart of Consciousness. The throb of your own Awareness. The wave that comes out of your heart as Perception Itself ‒ the throb of Shiva to behold its own magnificence…

~ Igor Kufayev

Some of these videos are interviews with Igor Kufayev and others are videos / slide-tributes made by students at the immersions with the teacher.

"... Delve into the works of great sages, and you will see that Self-realization is only a certain portal through which we walk in order to bring that Self-realization into this fertile ground of material existence. This is where materia prima and pure Spirit meet and intermingle; this is what paradise on earth means; that is what heaven on earth means. By definition, the term, 'heaven on earth' is that—it is bringing in the force of transcendence through our physiology, through our nervous system into this world, so that that is then our second nature. Then it is our lived reality, and everything then is seen and perceived as the fabric of our awareness, pulsating, vibrating with bliss. This, this, is the loftiest aspiration of spiritual practice... "

"Involuntary, spontaneous movements in the process of awakening and unfolding of one´s sadhana are known as kriyas. They are a by-product of greater activity of pranic flow through the subtler pathways of energy ushered by the activation of Life Force. It's not that `something` is happening to you — let's put it in a different qualitative context, it is God moving through you, that's what Awakening really is. It is Divine energy that is moving through you, it is the Divine energy that creates that internal movement!"

This short composition is a poetic tribute to the Path of the Heart and a window into the inner dimension of Igor's work and his community Flowing Wakefulness, which serves as a container for the spontaneous flow of Grace. 

An early interest towards spirituality lead to his practice of yoga with initiation in 1996 to Transcendental Meditation, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He immerses himself in the study of diverse spiritual traditions with special emphasis on Indian philosophy, Sufi and Zen. At the age of thirty-six Igor had undergone a radical transformation of consciousness which subsequently blossomed into spontaneous unfoldment of Grace... (Interview with Lilou Macé)

This presentation, entitled 'The Heart of Shiva', is part of unofficial video recording at the Science and Nonduality (SAND) Conference. San Jose, CA. October 25th, 2014

Igor was born in Uzbekistan and in his childhood had many episodes associated with the awakening of Kundalini. Later, in the wake of an advanced yogic course, theTM-Sidhi Program, he went through a profound expansion of Consciousness. By the age of thirty six Igor had undergone a radical transformation of consciousness which subsequently blossomed into spontaneous unfoldment of Grace. For the next five years he continued long hours of meditation, integrating expanded state of awareness throughout his daily activities. Around that time he began sharing his insights with those who were attracted by the energy emanating in his presence. In this interview, he talks about his early life and awakening. His book Flowing Wakefulness - Essays on the Nature of Consciousness and Reality will be released soon. (Interview with Iain McNay)